Live Beautifully 

Once small children we scribbled and scrawled,
we colored grass orange and painted skies green,
then ran to proclaim that proud artists we were.

But then as we grew, everything changed.
Ashamed and secretive our art became
And some of us stopped creating at all

Forgotten colors bled and words dried up
And inside, our hearts bled too
Because if art wasn’t worth it, then neither were we

Defined by failure, invisible we felt
Worthless and hopeless, completely alone
A poverty of soul that even money can’t fix

Lost in the masses, we stand alone
Believing the lie that nobody cares
Afraid to dance; of what others might think.

But stop for just one moment, take a deep breath
Pause to remember just who you are,
a child, unique, and created by God

He breathed life into You, gave you those eyes,
Spoke dreams to your heart and made you His own,
You are the image of God, individual, DNA code “you”

Talents, abilities, and gifts He gave to you,
Created to create, to innovate
Your life is art, you have inherent worth

If that doesn’t empower you, I don’t know what will.
It’s up to you what you create,
Whether pain and hurt, or light and love.

Maybe football’s your masterpiece or cooking your poem,
But with your life, you always create.
Today, choose joy. Today, choose art.

It’s your chance to live beautifully.

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