When I see you, my soul explodes with colors like the sunset.
I chase you, hoping to capture just an inkling of your brightness.
Your sparkling rays ignite my heart’s fires, leaving me breathless.
I laugh as you jump and glimmer across the water, evading every net,
Turning dewdrops to diamonds, stardust sprinkling the ground
I hear your breath on my ears though it whispers no sound.
Eyes sparkle with the dances of the soul, a photographer’s wish
Your caress reveals color and chases away darkness
In you is captured all that is joy, pure bliss
Yours is the power to reveal every flaw or hide every blemish
I gasp at your changing hues, every glimpse captivating
Fireworks exciting the mind, enslaving my body to your pursuit
I sigh with delight to watch you fade each night
And groan with unspeakable pleasure in your awakening
Your warmth is intoxicating, you’ve made me a whore;
Every encounter leaves me needing more.
Embracing you is like a drug, an unquenchable addiction.
For with you I have a love affair.
A love affair with light.

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