Summer has always been my favorite time of the year…. even way back when Mom was still making us do school during the summer so we wouldn’t forget everything by the next school year. This year has been no different. Even though I live in the land of eternal summer (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), coming home for summer in Fort Wayne, Indiana has been a much-needed break. Some highlights…

Counseling for Girls’ Wilderness Camp at Miracle Mountain Ranch11058000_10155762553425577_9144633273169344894_n

I spent a week of my summer volunteering as a counselor at Miracle Mountain Ranch, where I spent about 11 summers either as a camper or staff previously. Along with several other staff/counselors, we took thirteen middle school girls into the woods, where they built their own shelters, went hiking, cooked food over the fire, and enjoyed campfire sessions discussing what it is to be molded by the Master Potter. Because discipleship is my passion, I absolutely loved getting to hang out with these girls and share life and Jesus with them.

Surprising Hannah in Mississippi


My parents and I arrived in Chicago on a Thursday evening, drove home to Fort Wayne, and then loaded up the car the very next morning to drive down to French Camp, Mississippi, where my sister Hannah was working at Camp of the Rising Son for the summer. Hannah had no idea we were coming, so surprising her was absolutely fantastic!

Reunions with dear friends


From Mississippi to Pennsylvania to Fort Wayne, I’ve been able to see and catch up with dear friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in over five years. Perhaps the most beautiful moment of the summer though was dinner with my two best friends, Andrew and Josh. Josh had just arrived in Fort Wayne from a year in Ecuador, and being back together as a crazy trio made everything seem right in the world for a quick minute….or at least made me feel like I was really home. Its been incredible to be able to sit down and share life with so many incredible people this summer.

Riding bicycles with friends and family


I love riding bicycles, and I’ve gotten to do so much riding this summer. I’ve ridden with Mom and Dad alongside their tandem, I’ve mountain biked with friends, I’ve taken a night ride through downtown Fort Wayne in a cocktail dress with Andrew in his tux after a friend’s wedding, I’ve commuted to and from work…. its been fantastic.

Random races with my brother Josh


Hannah and Nathan are both gone this summer, leaving just Josh and I at home with Mom and Dad, so we’ve had some fun adventures riding in an Alley Cat race, as well as Fort Wayne’s first Fort Wayne Adventure Games. Both times, we raced on full-suspension mountain bikes, which, though probably not the most appropriate bicycles for the races, made it incredibly fun. I love my brother(s).

In just two weeks, I leave for another year teaching in Tanzania. I am excited, but know that I will miss my friends and family here in Fort Wayne. As I prepare to leave again, I would appreciate your prayers:

  • Prayer that the final two weeks of my summer would be beautiful in every sense of the word, and that I would be able to love and be loved by friends and family here in Fort Wayne.
  • Prayer that God’s will would be done as regards my work permit (its renewal has been delayed, and as of this point, I don’t have a work permit for my return to TZ).
  • Prayer that God would provide (To support my ministry in Dar es Salaam, please follow these instructions: Checks should be payable to Young Life, designated for X466/Snyder and mailed to Young Life, PO Box 2920, Colorado Springs, CO 80901. You also have the option of setting up automatic payments or giving a one-time gift from a bank account or credit card account through the Young Life Giving website: On this site, you will need to search for me by my last name (Snyder) or Area Account Number (X466).)
  • Prayer for a year teaching at HOPAC where God’s name is proclaimed, where youth get excited about loving Jesus, and He is glorified by my presence there.

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