The Struggle is Real

Yesterday morning, I impulsively typed up a Facebook status update as a means of venting my frustrations about my struggle to choose joy. Twelve hours later, the status had over 100 likes, fifteen comments, and had been shared multiple times. Apparently, I’m not the only one struggling to choose joy.

I woke up angry this morning.
Angry at my alarm for going off (at the usual time).
Angry at my dog for digging up the herbs I just planted.
Angry at my gardener for flooding the same herbs.
Angry at myself for being tired (normal).
Angry at the daladala for smelling (nothing abnormal there).
Angry at my feet for hurting (like always).
Angry at my coffee mug for being dented (because I dropped it).

Yo, choosing joy was a STRUGGLE this morning.
But I fought for it today on my walk to work in some kind of verbal battle with my own soul. And so I’m thanking God for today and putting gratefulness on the frontlines to wage war against my anger and self-focus.

Thanking Him for the clouds and rain.
Thanking Him for the chance to teach middle school history today (maybe this should be my next subject area? Its kind of fun!).
Thanking Him for coffee.
Thanking Him for working internet and power.
Thanking Him for the opportunity to teach P.E. (and wear basketball shorts every day) this year.
Thanking Him for headbands (because this hair is INSANE).
Thanking Him for Pilot G-2 pens and Expo markers and Sharpies.
Thanking Him that tomorrow is Friday.
Thanking Him for the struggle of choosing joy.

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