Margins bring order and cleanliness

But I’d prefer to run insane, my life all a mess

The white space on the page brings focus to the text

The notes and scribbles scrawled filling space, erasing rest 

Jambo moja’s the theme: only one thing

But I’ve misplaced the bold in all my running

When the page is all filled, eyes wander and are lost

And when time runs out, it’s always at a cost

That first draft’s a mess and needs some white out

I’m torn–what good thing must I cut out?

Filled space is worthless when nothing’s said

And so’s my effort if it leaves me dead

So on this page, I’ll make some space

And on this weekend, I’ll slow my pace.

Spend a day on the beach just watching waves

Thanking God for his precedent that rest is ok. 

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