Pamoja Week: Year #3


Its difficult for me to believe that this is my third year at HOPAC, but, as this is my third week participating in the legendary “Pamoja Week,” it must be true. Pamoja Week is our celebration of unity at HOPAC. In many ways, it mirrors the American “Spirit Week.” Pamoja Week is the highlight of the year at HOPAC, and concludes with International Day, where students dress in their nation’s traditional dress and/or colors, wave their nation’s flag, and share bits of their culture with the rest of the school. Living in Dar es Salaam, I regularly experience a plethora of different cultures, from the variety of languages that pervade every conversation (I really need to learn French), to food choices, and even the strange ideas of “normal” in varying cultures. It is near the top in my list of favorite things about life in Dar, and so when the opportunity comes to celebrate the nearly 40 different nationalities of students at HOPAC, I am all in!

Here are a few photos of Pamoja Week so far… and stay tuned for an International Day post later this week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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