The Best Job Ever.


Yes. That’s right. I have the best job ever.

Teaching at HOPAC is actually a lot of fun.

My job is pretty awesome.

I get to be mobbed by awesome primary students in the snack bar line.


I get to wear crazy colors and celebrate togetherness with students and teachers of all ages.

12191415_10100281112300644_8745625143396987378_n (2)
Photo Credit: HOPAC Student Photography Team

I get to experience the tragedy and triumph of winning and losing with students.


I get to work with incredible people like this one.


I get to laugh and hang out with crazy cool students.


I get to coach this crazy group of guys.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Laarman

I get to interact with students and cultures from all over the world.


I get to celebrate my own culture.

12109240_10156104741210577_6162934216440174816_n (1)

I get to pray with students who love Jesus wholly.


I get to cheer on student athletes.


I get to have fun and share Jesus as a YoungLife leader.


HOPAC is looking for more people who would like to love God and love people and teach students in the beautiful city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. While this is most definitely a shameless plug to attract more awesome co-workers, everything I said above is 100% true and I do love my job. Check out the current openings for the next school year and apply right away! And, if you aren’t a teacher and can’t come teach yourself, spread the word to your teacher-friends, pray for HOPAC, and support someone who is teaching at HOPAC (me!).

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