Time to Refresh


I’ve been feeling disconnected
Like my service is extended
Life’s a losing game of charades
This drama it goes on for days
I’m faking, but I’m not making
Crushed by pressure unrelenting
It’s unraveling bit by bit
The strands of which my heart is knit
I feel nothing, my tears all cried
No longer breathing, dead inside
Vain attempts at prayer elusive
God I need a revolution.

Deep inside unspoken broken
It’s raw, uncensored, outspoken
Why have you left me here alone
God, please meet me in this unknown
Breaths of whispered prayers not unheard
My sight my speech with tears are blurred
Right where it’s hardest to believe
Asking for a little reprieve
Drought parched soul, starving for hope
Roots dig down, for water I grope
Wrestling, pushing into the pain,
I’m seeking you God, please send rain

Sunrise startling, breaking forth light
It’s just a glimpse, obscured from sight
I’ve been choosing joy in habit
The next right thing, gotta do it
Wait! A twitching nerve, pain I feel
numbness gone, I’ve begun to heal
Soul rhythms drop hope on repeat
Your perfect peace my soul’s heartbeat
If only my eyes are fixed on You
Your presence greater than the blue
Singing and dancing in the rain
Let thanksgiving be my refrain

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacy says:

    Is Abigail Snyder the author of this poem.

    1. Abigail Snyder says:

      Yes. 🙂

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