Dredz & Priorities: Setting it Straight


For the last month, I’ve been investing time and energy and money into starting dreadlocks in my hair. I’m inspired by the uber-cool Hawaiian-surfer-types with long, neat dreadlocks. I’m also inspired by my uber-cool Tanzanian friends with awesome dreadlocks of various lengths and styles. But mostly, I’m inspired by the supposed carefree lifestyle of the dreadheads (no not the pot-smoking part…I’m not into that: at. all). What nobody tells you is that it is a lifestyle. But its not carefree.

Having uber-cool dreadlocks means going to the salon every weekend to get them tightened. It means not swimming or surfing or getting your head wet. It means covering your head with a cap of some kind to protect the dreads under your helmet.

No, having dreads is not carefree. Its a. lot. of. work.

And maybe that changes after they are fully locked and set and there. But after a month, I realized that rather than my lifestyle dictating my hairstyle, my hairstyle was dictating my lifestyle. And that. is. not. cool.

So I’m done.

If the dreads I have stay, awesome. If they all fall out because I chose to go stand up paddleboarding after Bible study tonight and watch the sun set from the Indian Ocean, then I’m really okay with that. I would rather live the life I want to live and have un-cool hair, than have uber cool hair and have no life at all.

Priorities, people.

And my priority will always be lifestyle over hairstyle. Always. Dreads or no dreads.


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