GET INVOLVED: 2017 HOPAC Young Life Camp


One of my very favorite parts of every year here is Young Life camp. I’ve been involved in camp ministry for nearly 17 years now, and credit the time I spent at camp as a teen with a huge part of who I am as a Christian. This year, HOPAC’s Young Life Camp will be taking place January 27-29, 2017 in Morogoro. We (myself and Frank and Heidi Sanchez, my co-leaders with HOPAC Young Life) need your help to make this happen.

Ways you can be involved:

  • PRAY: For the logistics and planning of camp. This includes bringing in speakers, people to run the program, arranging transportation, games and activities for the camp, camp volunteers, etc.
  • PRAY: For students to be excited about camp, and to come! (Last year, we had our biggest camp ever, going from 17 to students to 70 students–and we are praying for even more this year!)
  • SPONSOR A BUS: A single bus costs approximately $100. Last year, we hired five buses. This year, we are hoping to have even more students–so would need even more buses! By getting the buses paid for, we are able to keep the cost for students low–enabling more students to come. Maybe you or your company can sponsor one or more buses for camp this year?
  • SPONSOR A TEEN: The cost for a student to attend camp is approximately $75 (not including the cost of the bus). Some students come from extremely low-income families, but would still love to come to camp. Maybe you or your company can sponsor a student’s camp fee this year?

To Sponsor a Bus or a Teen:  On the Young Life Giving website:, search for the Area Account Number (X466), which should take you to my giving page. Once there, select the appropriate options (one-time gift), enter your payment information, and designate the gift as BUS or TEEN CAMP SPONSORSHIP. This allows the necessary people in the finance department to appropriately designate those funds. Thank you!

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