8 More Days

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the office at my apartment building to sign some paperwork. At some point, it came up in conversation that I work two jobs that equal somewhere around 60-70 hours per week. To me, that is just normal. It wasn’t a complaint; just a statement of fact that explained why my schedule was a bit complex.

Apparently though, that isn’t normal.

When I left, the gentleman had been talking to offered, “Hopefully you won’t have to work two jobs for too much longer.” I’m sure the look on my face was one of shock. Why wouldn’t I work both jobs? I can’t really imagine not working at the bike shop, just like I can’t really imagine not teaching. Both are a part of who I am.

At the same time, it is supposedly almost summer here in the Midwest (though the constant rain and cold wouldn’t indicate as much), and I am ready for school to be out for the summer.

Just 8 more days.

8 more days of watching students laugh hysterically as they attempt to write scripts for their play adaptation projects.

8 more days of sharing in students’ excitement as they make connections and come to new levels of understanding.

8 more days of hearing students discuss the characters and themes and life lessons they are discovering in literature.

It’s a good thing that these aren’t the last 8 days ever…just until next year. I will certainly enjoy my summer of working just 40 hours a week, but I’ll also be excited when August rolls around and a new group of sixth graders walks in my classroom for the first time, eyes in awe at the plethora of photos lining the walls.

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