2022 Sponsor Announcement

Ride Fierce Racing is presented by Roanoke Outside & Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge with additional sponsorship from Cardinal Bicycle and RND Coffee.

I am excited to continue working with some of the same partners that have supported me from the beginning of my racing career, as well as some new companies that have joined with me to help me reach some big goals in the upcoming season.

First up is Osmo Nutrition, a company that has been with me since the beginning. When I first began to delve into the world of sports nutrition and fueling my training, I learned that Osmo Nutrition had partnered with researcher Stacy Sims to create a hydration formula especially for women. I’ve been using their Active Hydration for Women since 2017 and love that it is uniquely formulated to meet my hydration needs while also having a light flavor that I don’t get tired of, even during long rides and races.

Next is likely the most unofficial partner, but at the same time the most natural. Cardinal Bicycle is my employer, local bike shop, group ride host, mechanic, and source for parts and equipment. I am not sponsored by Cardinal as a rider, but still consider them an indispensable partner in making my 2022 race dreams a reality.

For the 2022 season, I am working with several different nutrition companies as an ambassador. Each of these companies craft quality, delicious products that I use in combination to fuel my training and racing effectively. Untapped Maple is a company out of Vermont that makes amazing maple-syrup based waffles, syrup “gels” (really, just syrup in a ride-friendly package), and drink mixes. Spring Energy specializes in on-the-go real-food gels, using rice, applesauce, potatoes, and so much other goodness to help athletes keep a balanced nutrition profile while riding. This is my second year as an ambassador for Honey Stinger, who uses honey as the natural sweetener for ride nutrition. My race nutrition plan is continually evolving, but I’ve found success in combining elements from each of these companies to form an endurance race fueling menu that combats palate fatigue while providing me with the necessary nutrients to perform at my best–all while being easy to carry and access even on the most technical trails.

Off-the-bike nutrition is just as important as on-bike nutrition, and for a lot of cyclists, that starts with coffee. RND Coffee is a local coffee roaster that is literally less than a mile from my home and roasts the best coffee I’ve ever had. Quincy and the team at RND are sponsoring me (and several other local elite cyclists) for the 2022 season and (aside from being a crucial part of my morning routine) I’m excited to join them in growing the partnership between coffee and cycling in our local community!

Specialized Bicycles have been my ride of choice since I got into cycling. 2022 will be my second year as an official Specialized Ambassador, but I have been a vocal ambassador for the quality and all-around amazingness of the Specialized line since before I started racing. This year, you can expect to see me racing both the Specialized Epic and Specialized Epic Hardtail. My Specialized Diverge will continue to be my versatile training machine, rolling up the gravel and pavement (and occasionally trail) miles. You might catch a glimpse of my S-Works Stumpjumper at an enduro or downhill race this season, or at least on some backcountry trails soaking up some skills work. Finally, my trusty 2015 Specialized Allez Sprint will continue serving as my trainer bike–and might even sneak outside for a few non-Diverge road miles.

While I’m talking bikes, its worth mentioning the companies that are important in keeping those bikes rolling on the roads and trails.

  • I have been a SRAM advocate for years, even though they are not an official sponsor. Each of my bikes are running SRAM brakes and drivetrains and Rockshox suspension, along with Quarq power meters to hep me effectively monitor my training.
  • Wolftooth Components is a new partner for 2022 and I love the craftmanship and detail that goes into each of the small parts that they make. Their remote dropper lever is the first upgrade that I make to each of my mountain bikes, and it works flawlessly. I’m excited to start using their chainrings this season (especially on my new single speed machine!) and think the anodized bottle cage and chainring bolts add some special flair to the bikes.
  • My favorite chain lubricant (by far!) is the Rock n’ Roll Gold, and I’m grateful to join them officially for the 2022 season (and beyond). Since I started using Rock n’ Roll in 2019, I have been consistently impressed with how well it keeps my chains rolling–no matter the conditions.
  • Thanks again to the awesome mechanics at Cardinal Bicycle for keeping my stable of bikes running smooth no matter how much abuse I give them!

For years, I’ve struggled to find a helmet that fits my head without giving me red marks (at best) or headaches (at worst) after hours in the sun. Thanks to Smith Optics, I finally have a helmet that fits! Even better, their glasses pair seamlessly with the helmet for both safety and clear vision–things that are vital when racing mountain bikes!

Speaking of comfort, Clam Jam is an anti-chafe cream made of all-natural ingredients and that has nearly eliminated saddle sores for me. This. is. huge. If you’ve suffered chafing or saddle sores on the bike, you know how important it is. Thanks to Marcus and the team for continuing to sponsor my clam with the jam!

Lastly (but not least!), Pro Tec Athletics provides tools to help with the daily mobility and recovery needs of athletes. Due to my busy schedule, I don’t always have time at home to spend on mobility. I love that I can throw their massage ball in my backpack and make use of any floor or wall to do a quick mobility or recovery routine anywhere–at school, at work, or even in the airport en-route to a race!

Many thanks to each and every one of these organizations for believing in me and my goals for the upcoming season. I have some big stretch goals this year, and am excited to start chasing them!

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