Me Linim Tok Pisin

I might be learning, but sometimes the learning seems to be very slow. Me save liklik. (I understand little). Today during village exposure, I had the opportunity to sit and stori with one of the national women. Though I was able to hold some conversation, there were times where she would rattle off some Pidgin in rapid succession and I would have to say repeatedly, “Me save liklik.” So she would repeat until I caught enough words to at least think that I caught what she was talking about.

Yesterday was Goroka Day. We spent the whole day in Goroka, touring the PNG museum and the Arabica coffee factory, then shopping at the various markets. The vegetable market was a crazy combination of people and bright colors everywhere. Rows upon rows of various fruits and vegetables were surrounded by eclectic rows of meri blouses with hundreds of people milling through the mud in between. The wall of bilims was a similar display of colors, with several hundred bilims along a fence in town. Though I did not purchase any, I enjoyed helping several of my classmates find bilims to suit their tastes and bargain for acceptable prices. There were also artifacts of various kinds to explore. For lunch, we stopped at the NTM-Air and toured the base there. I once again enjoyed hearing about the vital support roles which keep the bush missionaries working in the field. Very interesting.

I am continuing to enjoy the classes here…I would explain more about them, but I must admit that I am very distracted by the other students around me talking about their various ethnic heritages, “…1/16th Cherokee, 1/16th mutt…” All I have to say is that I’m a part of the family of God. Really, that’s all that matters, because when it comes down to it, we’re all decendants of Noah.

My favorite quote from all the classes thus far:
“Ditch the religion and get to know the God who has saved you!” – Clayton

It is hard to believe that the month is half over… Me stap long PNG twopela weeks. Or something like that.

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  1. pineappleskip says:

    Yu kam long PNG bipo long tupela wik, ah? Mi tingim yu lainim plenti, bai yu mekim gutpela toktok!

  2. bihainimolwantok says:

    Mi i stap traim long lainim mi tok pisin tasol em hat bekos mi stap long Amerika. Ol i nogat planti sampting long halvim lainim mi na mi pilim olsem mi i go i no pas. Sapos mi inap painim ol lainim samting long hia, bai mi kamap wantok planti pas tasol nogat yet. Tasol Yu no ken wari, bai yu painim dispela tok. Bai yu trai gen na gen.

    1. John G. says:

      Sapos you stap long USA na yu laik lainim Tok Pisin, ating mi ken helpim yu. Mi bin stap long PNG inap 18 yias, olsem na mi save gut long Tok Pisin. Yu ken givim ring long mi na yumi ken toktok long telefon. Salim email long mi – lamana2004 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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