Tribute to my Parents

This afternoon, during staff meeting, we watched a video comparing Intelligent Design with evolution. This video was similar to the hundreds of others I watched throughout my teen years, and with it came the realization of how incredible my parents are, as well as the true quality of the education I received.

I’d like to give a tribute to my Mom and Dad

for not giving me the boot, even though I was bad.

You enforced discipline and made me set my alarm,

taught me to work, and let me help on the farm.

You made me responsible for my own education,

making dreams possible, not just a vocation.

You showed me your love and passion for learning,

sharing good books and teaching critical thinking.

When I got to college, I wasn’t taken aback

You prepared me well for every attack.

Being a Christian wasn’t just church and religion,

You lived out your love for God and His Son.

But feelings alone didn’t make a foundation,

You gave me reasons to believe in salvation.

TV and movies didn’t fill up our time,

You took me outside and watched me climb.

You spent time with us kids, not in a gym,

Your family came first, you taught me to swim.

Its your fault, you see, I am all confused,

I like riding bikes, and don’t mind getting bruised.

But I love teaching too, and even deep thoughts,

Along with adventure, I like reading lots,

Because you taught me to learn,

and didn’t care what I earned.

Thanks Mom and Dad for being the best,

I love you so much; I’ve been incredibly blessed.

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  1. Denise Snyder says:

    Wow! thank you!


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